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Frequently Asked Questions

We've shared some of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

SPARKS is our irresistible new loyalty program for customers in India. SPARKS gives you the chance to earn points, vouchers, birthday and anniversary discounts, free stylist sessions, a chance to get a shopping basket free and many other rewards!

Good things happen every time you shop!
It’s absolutely free and very simple to join SPARKS program!

To enrol, visit your nearest M&S store or go to or download the M&S app.
  • a. In store ask our cashier. Just share your name, mobile number and provide the OTP received on your mobile to the cashier and you are now a Sparks member.
  • b. On M&S India website, signup by validating your Mobile Number with an OTP. On the sparks page, click “Join SPARKS” and you are now a Sparks member.
  • If you are already registered on the website, just click “Join Sparks” button on the Sparks page to become a Sparks member.
Any customer who is 18 years and above can join the SPARKS program.
Your Loyalty points & existing vouchers are yours and absolutely safe. All existing M&S Club India Loyalty customers have been automatically upgraded to Sparks at no extra cost. All valid existing points, vouchers or benefits have been carry forwarded to the new Sparks membership.
When you register to the SPARKS program a unique SPARKS account is created which is linked to your mobile number.
Every point accumulated is credited to your SPARKS account.

You don’t need to remember your SPARKS account number, only share your mobile number at M&S store or login using the registered mobile number on or M&S India APP to avail your SPARKS benefits or redeem your SPARKS points.
You’ll earn Sparks points 24 hours after enrolling to the SPARKS program.
Points are accrued after an order purchased or successful transaction on full priced items only.
  • a. In store - after you have made a purchase and paid for the transaction
  • b. or M&S India App – after the successful delivery of your entire order.
Points earned on transaction are valid for 12 months from the date of earning the points. You have 12 months to redeem your points before expiry.
You start earning points basis your SPARKS tier only from the 2nd transaction onwards post enrolling to the SPARKS Program.
Point are earned on purchase of full priced items as per the SPARKS member’s tier. For every ₹100 spent on Full price items, a member earns
Club Tier = 1 point
Premier = 2 point
Elite Tier = 3 points
  • a. Sparks Points are earned on purchase of full price items only
  • b. Sparks points are reversed on return of items. Any points earned from a full price item are deducted from the total loyalty points earned.
  • c. Sparks points are not applicable on any gift card purchased.
  • d. Sparks points earned if gift card is used as a mode of payment.
  • e. Sparks points are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.
  • a. No Sparks points apply on any cancelled transaction or order.
  • b. If the member has used the Sparks points on an order and then cancelled the same order later, the used Sparks points will be reversed and credited back to the Member’s Sparks account.
  • a. In case of a full priced item/s return, the Sparks points earned on that item/s will be deducted/removed from the member’s point balance.
  • b. If the member has used their SPARKS points during a purchase and then returned the item/s later, the SPARKS points used will be credited back to the Member’s SPARKS account post successful completion of the return process.
  • a. To avail your Birthday/ Anniversary / Kids birthday benefit, you have to be a Sparks member (or former M&S Club India Loyalty member).
  • b. Your Birthday / Anniversary / Kids birthday details should be available with us.
    You can provide your details at any M&S India store or update your Sparks account on or in the M&S India App. Just don’t forget to link your link your account to Sparks.
  • c. Birthday / Anniversary / Kids birthday benefits are applicable for the whole calendar month of the date of the event.
    Ex: if your birthday is 10 January, you can avail your birthday discount on any day of January.
  • d. You can redeem your Birthday / Anniversary / Kids birthday benefits either at any M&S India stores by providing their registered mobile number or login to your account in or M&S India App.
As a Sparks member, you earn discounts of 10%, 15% or 20% eligible as per you tier
Elite tier – 20%
Premier tier – 15%
Club tier – 10%
When a Sparks member does a cumulative transaction value of a higher tier threshold than their existing tier, they earn an upgrade Voucher once in a lifetime.
There are 2 types of upgrade vouchers issued to a Sparks member once in their lifetime.

Premier upgrade voucher – Rs. 1000 off on Rs. 4000
Elite upgrade voucher – Rs. 3000 off on Rs. 12000
At any M&S India Store, one Sparks member has the chance to win their entire shopping bag absolutely free.

Every week there will be 1 winner per Store.
You will be informed once the invoice of your transaction is generated at the Store immediately at the store.
Free basket reward will run in all M&S India stores in India except Delhi Airport and stores in the state of Tamil Nadu.
The entire basked is absolutely free. The discount / voucher applied in the Basket Free Reward transaction/ invoice remain applied.
Free basket is neither encashable nor refundable
Free basket reward is absolutely free to you. Items in the free basket are not returnable.
You can only exchange the items in the free basket once for a different size of the same product. Exchange to a different item is not allowed.
Exchange of different size of the same item in the free basket invoice is allowed, irrespective of the exchanged item’s price.
Just inform our Cashier at the time of invoicing, that you are carrying your own bag and do not require the M&S Bag to bag the items bought.
5 Sparks points will be credited into your Sparks Loyalty account on bringing your own bag to any of our M&S store, after the transaction has been invoiced.
Applicable to SPARKS Members only.
Option available at any M&S India store
Points added after 24 hours of transaction.
Only 5 Points per transaction even if you bring more than one bag.
As the name suggests an Elite Tier Retention Voucher is issued to a Sparks Elite member on doing an annual transactions of value Rs.50000 or more in a year.
Retention Voucher is issued to a Sparks Elite Member
The Elite Member has to do an annual transaction of value “₹50,000” and above in 365 days from the date of upgrading or moving to the Elite tier.
Transaction value to be considered across our Stores, and M&S India APP.
Only 1 Retention Voucher is issued in 365 days.