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Exceptional quality, a self-assured style, and the newest styles are all attributes of Marks & Spencer. Our history goes back 135 years, making us the pinnacle of eco-friendly and fashionable clothing. A classic company that values ethically sourced materials, we think comfort is at the centre of style and that it is timeless and individual. Our dedication to quality in each and every fabric we manufacture has always set us apart from the competition. Marks and Spencer is a luxury brand that combines comfort and style as every fabric and clothing has a fashionable pattern and tasteful finishing touches.

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Collection for women For womenswear, we can always be counted on to make you feel beautiful, whether you're working from home, getting dressed up for a date, or going out with friends. We have you covered with a variety of women's clothing options, including coats, blouses, t-shirts, jeans, and beachwear. Pants for Women from Marks and Spencer feature graphic prints and patterned wide-leg trousers for your casualwear for days when you need a splash of colour. We’re aimed at helping you stay ahead with the latest womenswear trends.

For video calls and meetings, women's jeans are an article of versatile clothing. The formal pants for women look stunning when paired with a button-up linen blouse for a colourful and flowing choice. The nice thing about patterned blouses is that they are adaptable for both work and weekends and simple to dress up or down. M&S formal dresses for women are symbols of elegant styling and are exemplary for workwear Our women's long- and short-sleeved tops and t-shirts are available in multi-packs and make the ideal base layer for chilly days. No matter the season, some classics never go out of trend. Our denim jackets for women are rigorously durable and come in solid colours. Talking about jackets, the winter jackets for women like the puffer jacket from M&S is something that you’ve got to have in your wardrobe.

M&S India's range of swimwear for women is intricately designed with colourful patterns with a diversity of swimsuits, bikini sets and beach wear to choose from. The beach dresses for women are available in flattering styles to uplift your sculpted figure and match your silhouette.

At Marks & Spencer India, where you can pick from a wide selection of scarves, wraps, purses, and bags for women, your hunt for accessories comes to an end. The belts and headgear serve both practical needs and can provide more pzazz. Whatever your preferences, our selection has plenty of styles, colours, and print options so you can always find something you love. You can also combine your clothing with women's sandals, which come in flat and stiletto heels, to complete the look.

Collection for men Discover your style with Marks &Spencer India's top trends, whether you're updating your wardrobe or stocking up on essentials on menswear. With formal trousers for men and linen shirts, put together an ensemble suitable for the workplace. Our classy formal shirts go well with a variety of smart and normal-fit pants. T-shirts and polo t-shirts for guys from our assortment work best if you're looking for sporty attire. Brightly coloured and slogan t-shirts are available, as well as multi-packs of tees in neutral colours for simple style.

The men's coats make it simple to layer up during the frigid winter months and be ideal for the perfect winter menswear choice. When working from home or socialising with friends, our men's casual shirts are perfect. Every occasion calls for casual chinos, cotton shirts for guys, corduroy pants with added stretch, normal classic, and slim-fit jeans for men. The activewear line and men's swimwear represent the pinnacle of comfort for the contemporary man who adores exploring new places. Additionally, if you're looking for men's loungewear, fleece joggers and sweatshirts with lots of cottons are great for lounging, working out, and running errands. Men's coats, formal shirts for men, men's trousers, and men's jackets are all part of the Marks & Spencer India formalwear line under menswear.

Whether you’re looking forward to buying men's t-shirts, polos, pants, or shorts, we take pride in offering the best men’s clothing by providing you with ensembles made of cotton that has been ethically sourced. Put on professional and casual shoes for men from Marks & Spencer India to elevate our ensemble. Additionally, if you're looking for the best presents for men, you can select from accessories like ties, handkerchiefs, hats, and belts. The ideal gift for a loved one is a bottle of scented elixir in men's fragrance. Each accessory is chic, exudes luxury, and enhances the silhouette.

Lingerie collection Every ensemble needs a fantastic base, more than just the bare necessities, and that's where the women's lingerie from Marks & Spencer comes in. The best lingerie assortment contains essentials for all-day comfort, such as bras, knickers, sleepwear, shapewear, and vests. They also serve as classy alternatives that add glitz to formal attire. Underwired and padded non-wired bras for women come in a variety of shapes and patterns, as well as a large choice of fabrics.

The Marks & Spencer comfort wear and Rosie Collection meet all needs, whether it is a delicate piece for a special occasion or something cosy to wear on a daily basis. The ideal clothing for a holiday that will appeal to everyone in bikinis and women's beachwear. After selecting your bra—whether it be simple or patterned, strapless or a t-shirt bra—the following step is to pick the appropriate underwear. We have designs and patterns that are both aesthetically pleasing and cosy. On one hand, the shorts and briefs provide the most coverage. On the other hand, minimalist items and sleepwear are undetectable, even when worn with tight-fitting clothing. The Brazilians sitting low on your hips are a good choice for a more fashionable finish.

We offer three materials so that you can select the cut that you like most. The materials consist of modal, cotton, and microfiber. Since every woman is unique, we have included pieces in our lingerie collection to fit every body type and shape. Visit our shapewear selection for more information when you need more definitions. Our classic lingerie collection has a romantic feel thanks to lace trims, plush fabrics, and embroidered details.

Kids collection The boys' and girls' kidswear collections from Marks & Spencer raised the fashion bar for the true showstoppers—children. The shirts for boys are stylish and made from materials that are appropriate for skin that is fragile. This collection includes fashionable tops for girls as well as outfits that are done up for formal events. As a parent, we're sure you're looking for comfortable, long-lasting apparel for your children, which is why both boys' and girls' jeans and pants have lots of stretch.

Swimwear with vibrant prints is also offered for both boys and girls. All children are full of energy and enjoy playing sports, dancing, and other games. Boys' shorts, girls' long-sleeved t-shirts, and warm zip-up hoodies are all part of the Marks & Spencer India kidswear line. Baby sleepsuits made of breathable organic cotton that are sustainable and made to keep your child safe are a great choice for cosy nights. You can relax knowing that every item of clothing has mild, non-irritating seams that won't harm your child's tender skin.

Beauty collection Beauty items have evolved into grooming necessities over time, and M&S provides the best selection of goods for both men and women. This category includes items for him to use in the shower, presents, and gifts for her, perfumes. Additionally, the products include gifts for her, her scents, basics for women's showers, and women's moisturisers. You may maintain your youthful appearance for longer because of the components in our products that smooth, nourish, and renew. The greatest beauty care from Marks & Spencer helps you feel young and productive when you work long hours. They make the nicest presents for your loved ones.

Home Get engulfed in the diverse arrays of splendid home décor products by Marks and Spencer India. One of the guilty pleasures of looking after buying a place for yourself is to revamp the place by filling it with creative, utile and quality goods. May it be an inquisitive vase for the living room that you’re looking for, a lively plant room décor for your room, delightful tea and coffee mugs for the kitchen, beautiful dinnerware for your dining table, attractive beddings for your room, photo frames, bathmats, towels, cushions etc… You name it and we have it. Stock up your interiors with unique, trendy and the best home décor items by M&S.

Offers M&S India has a wide range of specials and special events to give you the lowest prices, so there is something to fit every budget. You've never found it so simple to improve your everyday purchasing experience. Take advantage of our greatest deals if you want to get your favourite collection at a great price for both you and your loved ones. Purchase the best-priced items from your favourite collections to fill your closet with flattering, cosy, and adaptable ensembles. No matter what your budget is, make a grand statement.

Inspire me We have a section called "Inspire me" that might assist you in your quest to inspire others with your distinctive fashion statement by standing out as the pinnacle of glitz. For today's fashionistas, Marks and Spencer want to promote a wide range of styles, from the unorthodox to the modern to the contemporary. The blogs on Inspire Me will support you in embracing your uniqueness with confidence as the purpose is to do.

Everyone can find a style, outfit, and fashion. We are the art, and you are the canvas, if you want to think of it that way. Inspiring people to experience fashion that is suited to each individual's personality has been a hallmark of Marks & Spencer for more than a century.

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