Marks & Spencer India’s beauty collection was designed to offer a complete fashion statement for each of you. With the need of apparel, there is an equal requirement of cruelty-free beauty products for creating a complete fashion statement.

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Over the years, the dynamics of how we see and use beauty products has evolved and we, at M&S aim to walk you down the aisle of changes with our best grooming products for men and women. The best of the M&S beauty care range extends from fragrances for him, fragrances for her in the form of perfumes and body mists, men’s bath and shower essentials, moisturizers for women, gifts for her, gifts for him and collections such as Autograph, Lifeoleogy, Floral and Nature’s.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for the best beauty and grooming products, you’ve come to the right place.

If you love delicate floral fragrance and invigorating citrus aromas in your Eau De Toilette or Eau Da Perfume, Marks & Spencer has the best range of perfumes for women in India. Be it a date night, formal dinner or a weekend getaway, each occasion deserves a special tough with our M&S ladies perfume range.

Body sprays and body mists are a great alternative if you want to ditch heavy perfumes yet stay afresh all day. Our cruelty-free products along with roll-on deodorants are long-lasting and available in an array of fruity, floral, citrus and woody fragrances.

Whether you are looking for an everyday men’s deodorant or a memorable scent for a special occasion, you have tons of choices with our range of perfumes for men.

For the trailblazing gentleman, M&S’s body sprays can be availed in musky, cologne and spicy fragrances. Considered the best perfume brand for men in India, M&S’s body spray for men are cruelty-free and must-haves in your beauty regimes.

For the special women in your life, the gifts for her, from Marks and Spencer include fragrance sets, personal care products, shower products and body lotion and body cream sets in delicate fragrances of magnolia, rose and lavender among many others.

Browse through men’s fragrance and body wash gift sets, aftershave gift set, shower gel set, Eau De Toilette set, mixed gift set and men’s body wash gift set. You’ll never run out of options for gifts for him at M&S.

Men’s deodorants from M&S are perfect for a subtle fragrance and are gentle on your skin. Our aftershaves leave your skin hydrated and ready for whatever the day has in store. To add more zing to your morning routine, find the best deep-cleansing body wash for men. What better than kickstarting your day with the perfect combination of personal care and freshness with M&S talcum powder for men.

Keep the sweat at bay with Marks and Spencer’s talcum powder for women. For a refreshed feeling all day, deodorants for women have natural ingredients. Whether you are looking for extra moisturising for your dry skin or for daily top-up, M&S body lotions are a favourite among women. Lastly, scrub your body and hands at any time of the day with an array of different shower gels and hand washes from Marks & Spencer.

To experience luxury daily, explore our beauty and hair products such as shower gels for men, lotions for women and other bath and beauty products for men and women from our exclusive collections of Floral, Nature’s, Lifeology and Autograph.

Marks & Spencer India is all about treating yourself with the best grooming and beauty products. When you choose our cruelty-free beauty products, you play your part in making a difference to animals. Feel refreshed and relaxed for every occasion with our tantalizing scents and products for him and her.

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