Men’s Grooming Essentials For Hot Weather

Looking for a quick boost of rejuvenation & hydration? Our pick of grooming products for men are up to the task…

It’s the time for hot, sticky days when practising self-care becomes extremely important! Stay refreshed, hydrated and looking (or feeling) your best with our latest men’s grooming products. Start your mornings with Monte & Wild - a revitalising & moisturising aftershave topped off with a sandalwood and tobacco roll-on deodorant.

The delicate whiff of scents is not just mood-enhancing, but will also keep you relaxed. Or pamper your skin with Harvard bath soak followed by a rich after-shower ritual with a post shave balm. Luxurious hand washes from brands like Royal Jelly and Apothecary will help keep your hands clean & supple. Recreate the atmosphere of a spa at home, while you take care of yourself. What’s more? These products are packed with exotic, one of a kind ingredients you’ll love! Try them out!!