Easy updates for your home with these must-have buys for the festive season

Transform a room with chic cushions & throws

One of the quickest and easiest ways to update your living room or bedroom – and to add colour and texture – is with a cushion or two. Our sumptuous range of cushions come in a choice of on-trend nature-inspired prints, opulent jewel tones, goes-with-everything neutrals and softer shades such as blush pink. Add a couple of cushions to your bed for a super-stylish look. Don’t forget to ‘throw’ on a throw to an armchair or sofa. Cushions and throws can make any spot a cozy spot so you and your guests can sit, relax and celebrate!.

Create a relaxed mood with lighting

Looking to effortlessly transform a room on Diwali? Try playing with lighting with our delicately scented candles. Use one or two candles to create warming pools of light that’ll add depth and ambience. Stack them up in your living area like featured. Or add to the décor with diffusers, sculptural vases & greenery - we have a wide range to suit all tastes and décor.

Freshen up mealtimes with chic crockery

Diwali is here so your dining area will have to look the part. Start your collection with our contemporary Maxim range – its the perfect blank canvas for mid-week meals, weekend celebrations and everything in-between. Add on to the elegance – our dinnerware range also comes with elegant glassware – wine glasses, champagne flutes and more!

Build your tablescape

Apart from contemporary dinnerware pieces, you can have additional place settings that’ll look just as good on your table as in your kitchen. Add various styles of plates and bowls along with meal-elevating serveware such as a classic rectangular platter. Add to the mix beaded placemats and coasters that’ll blend in with the festivities. Bee printed coasters, table runners, mugs, sugar and tea pots will bring in the statement to your décor without much effort.

Upgrade your bathroom with super-soft towels

A stack of luxurious super-soft cotton antibacterial towels is a simple and effective way to give your bathroom an upgrade and turn a soak in the bath into a spa-like experience. After all, what could be more of a treat than stepping out of a relaxing bath into a warm, fluffy towel? With a rainbow of multiple colours to choose from, there’s sure to be a shade to match your interiors style. Plus, they’re great value, too!