Whether you love traditional Christmas decorations or prefer contemporary style, these festive fixes will bring a touch of magic to every room.

Set the scene

Mark the start of the season by choosing the right tree that will add to the festive effect. Vintage-inspired baubles from our range will bring a festive focal point, making your house look no less than a Christmassy wonderland. Go for hanging decorations that spark festive joy. Our tip: Hanging-stocking decorations will also look great on walls. Try hanging one above the mantelpiece or in a guest bedroom for an extra seasonal flourish.

Think beyond the tree

Our tabletop decorations will woo your guests like no other. Bring a touch of elegance with Tribeca dinner sets, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and, or keep it opulent with beaded lanterns & coasters! Set it up with a beautiful vase with gorgeous artificial flowers. Line up nutcracker soldiers on the desk (the numbered blocks he's holding can be changed for each day of advent in the run-up to Christmas ), or miniature Christmas trees to tap into childhood nostalgia! Why should the tree have all the festive fun?

Elevate the atmosphere with home fragrances and candles

Fragrance can quickly and easily make your home feel festive. Our candles and diffusers blend notes of exotic ingredients such as mandarin, cinnamon and clove, for a luxuriously cosy ambience. Our tip: place a reed diffuser in the hallway for a fragrant welcome and light scented candles in the living room. The light up candles will help impart a warm and cosy glow. Place them in any corner of the house, it’s that easy.