M&S is here to help you achieve your New Year resolutions seamlessly, or update your everyday routine effectively…

Welcome 2024 with a fitter you

Move this confidence and stretch in style this New Year as you begin to revitalize your fitness routine. Whether it is a HIIT workout at home, a run around the local park, or a group outdoor yoga session, there are certain fitness essentials it’s best not to compromise on. This is where our Goodmove range comes in. Find sports bras, leggings, tops, joggers, t-shirts, zip-up jackets & and more - packed with moisture-wicking technology that’s breathable, keeps the sweat at bay & will serve you year round! Added bonus! the fabric is made from 100% recycled fiber, so kinder to the planet too.

Level up your self-care game

Relaxing your mind has a big part in feeling good and following up on your resolutions to the tee. Sometimes slowing down to indulge in self-care is all one needs. When you can, make self-care a ritual. Get our scented candles, run a bath and get soaked in calming and nourishing shower gels. Try our calming & rejuvenating Apothecary or Formula collections that come packed with soothing, feel-good ingredients. Top up the ritual with our range of body butters, hand creams, and keep your winter skin hydrated!

Transform your living space

Your home’s ambience plays a big role in your well-being. Add to the aesthetics of your living space with artificial greenery, and lots of it! Doing this will also bring the outdoors inside the house when you can’t venture out in the cold, and make cosy spots instantly! Or place beautiful-looking cushions strategically in different corners of your home so your house looks (and feels) more serene and welcoming! Additionally, also have your house smelling like a spa with essential oils, whether they emanate from a luxurious diffuser or soothing scented candles.

Stock up on the right layers

There’s nothing more invigorating than a winter walk in the fresh air. And we all have ‘staying active’ on our bucket list for the New Year. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s rejuvenating, helps to stay fit, in short easily carrying out our New Year routines. The dose of natural daylight is key, so get outdoors when you can! All you have to do is stock up on the right base layers!