Head of M&S lingerie design Soozie Jenkinson shares her top tips for buying a first bra, from finding the perfect fit to avoiding any embarrassment

When to buy a first bra

Everyone grows at different rates and develops in their own unique way, so knowing when to buy a first bra can be tricky. Some girls may require support from the age of eight, whereas others might not need to go bra shopping until their late teens. There can be a lot of feelings associated with having (or not having) a bra when their friends are already wearing one, so the first thing to is keep an ear out for any mentions of bras, crop tops or “growing up”.

When young people go through puberty, their whole chest area becomes very sensitive, so they may also experience some chest discomfort or become secretive about getting undressed in front of you. They might not always want to bring it up with you directly, so broach the topic gently and let them lead the way – it’s a big milestone, after all!

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How to measure for a first bra

The best way to ensure they’re wearing the right-sized bra is to book their first bra fitting in your local store. Our experts are on hand to make the experience a positive one, taking any embarrassment out of the big moment and ensuring everyone leaves the store feeling good. Each appointment lasts 15-30 minutes, and they can keep their top on throughout the session.

Which first bra should I buy?

Our range of first bras is designed to prevent any damage to developing tissue, with microfibre elastic and threads that feel super-soft against skin. Having the right bra for every occasion will help them feel confident and supported. For school, skin-toned bras are less visible beneath white shirts and polos, and for weekends or holidays, let them experiment with sporty crop tops or fun prints and patterns.

While you’re first bra-shopping, why not take the opportunity to pick up some period briefs for them, too? There are plenty of styles to choose from in our range, and they’re all highly absorbent – ideal while they’re getting to grips with irregular periods, so they can feel prepared for whatever the day holds.